Simcenter Testlab Neo

Increase productivity and gain insights on performance engineering.

Simcenter Testlab Neo

Simcenter Testlab Neo is a next-generation software platform for transdisciplinary performance testing. Years of technical knowledge are integrated into a new environment that provides higher productivity, more insights, increased confidence, and simpler cooperation. The new task-driven user interface improves job efficiency and overall navigation. A fully configurable and adaptable process designer accelerates analysis, supports interdisciplinary analytics, and incorporates simulation models into any process flow. Selectable display panels, as well as informative and interactive graphs, help to speed up the comprehension of data. Simcenter Testlab Neo is simple to use, boosts testing efficiency, promotes team cooperation, and builds engineering enthusiasm.

Simcenter Testlab Neo introduces a new task-driven user interface and broadens engineering capabilities with end-to-end durability testing, easy sound quality engineering, and model-based system testing.

Acoustic Testing

Our acoustic testing solutions adapt to the needs of your project by covering the widest variety of industry applications and engineering activities while adhering to the most recent international standards. Using the experience buried in our straightforward solutions, create unique goods with a distinctive acoustic character.

Simcenter Acoustic Testing

Analytics and Collaboration

A testing department generates a large quantity of data. Converting, displaying, and evaluating test data outputs are time-consuming procedures that frequently need application-specific knowledge. Simcenter Testlab apps are ideal for automating data collecting, analytics, and reporting.

Durability Testing

Count on our comprehensive durability testing solution to expedite the whole testing procedure. Simcenter is the only product that combines tough and dependable data gathering hardware with complete processing and analysis software capabilities. From channel setup and measurements through validation, consolidation, analysis, and reporting, our system covers every stage of a normal test programme.

Simcenter Durability Testing
Model-based System Testing

Model-based System Testing

Integrate test and simulation technologies to accelerate system engineering. Increase the uniformity of tools and procedures used throughout the development cycle.

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