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Solid Edge Synchronous Technology

Solid Edge’s synchronous technology combines the speed and simplicity of direct modelling with the flexibility and control of parametric design to enable generating and updating 3D CAD (computer-aided design) models faster and easier.

Easy CAD drawing and drafting with Solid Edge


Solid Edge synchronous technology enables you to quickly build new concept designs, easily reply to modification requests, and update numerous pieces inside an assembly at the same time. With this design flexibility, you can eliminate cumbersome preplanning and avoid feature failures, rebuild issues, and time-consuming rework. The power of synchronous technology also allows you to treat multi-CAD data just like native files, supporting seamless collaboration with suppliers and partners.

Solid Edge synchronous technology, with integrated 2D and 3D drawing, enables you to start your concept designs right away, without tiresome preplanning. Because of Solid Edge’s history-free approach to 3D CAD, you can work directly with your design geometry and make changes in real time.

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