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Solid Edge PCB Collaboration

Solid Edge PCB Collaboration removes barriers between ECAD-MCAD environments by efficiently communicating design intent between domains while allowing engineers to stay in their individual environments.

PCB Collaboration

  • Utilize an open, interoperable environment to consume 3D models from top PCB ecosystems
  • Simple MCAD environment creation and export of design intent for PCBs
  • IDX data format allows for efficient bi-directional data transmission between domains; only the information required to propose changes is transferred.
  • To assist in the development of designs, utilise realistic 3D images of PCB components.
  • Utilize a PCB pathfinder to quickly locate PCB components.
  • View component properties with a single click; no need to go around a graphical environment in search of a part.
  • 3D models from Mentor PCB products like PADS Professional and Xpedition can be automatically aligned and mapped.
  • Bring in copper information from the electrical field as sketches.

Although Solid Edge PCB Collaboration integrates seamlessly with Solid Edge PCB Design, it is an open, interoperable environment that can also be used with other industry-leading PCB design software applications that use the IDX format for ECAD-MCAD collaboration. Solid Edge PCB Collaboration supports IDX 2.0 and 3.0.

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