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Solid Edge 2023 includes new functionality to streamline product design, from seamless collaboration and a new user interface to new and enhanced capabilities for simulation and manufacturing, as well as new licensing options that give you the features you need, when you want them.

Solid Edge 2023 introduces a host of new features to help you streamline your product design. With new interoperability enhancements, you can expect easy cooperation between teams and systems. A fresh appearance and feel fit your working style, allowing you to accomplish more with fewer clicks. With enhanced simulation features, you can do more with mesh models. Eliminating errors during inspection saves time and money in manufacturing. Experience it with new licensing choices that provide you with the features you require when you require them.

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What’s new in Solid Edge 2023

Key Features

You can now subscribe to the Xcelerator Cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to access the tools you depend on for product development. By connecting to the cloud using Solid Edge SaaS, you have the option to access the applications and services you need.

  • Lower your IT overhead, manage costs, and easily scale your business.
  • Get access to exclusive extra features, capabilities, and included tools.
  • Store your data securely in the cloud and easily share it with your teams, anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Leverage Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities to look at your product in the context of the real world.
  • Collaborate easily with Xcelerator Share, included with your subscription.
  • Instantly access add-on capabilities with new Value-Based Licensing to take your design data further.
SE23-Solid Edge SaaS Cloud-connected

You can select the add-on capabilities you want when you need them thanks to value-based licensing. You can have immediate access to the following integrated add-on products with this new flexible license option provided via a Solid Edge SaaS subscription: Generative Design Pro, Point Cloud Visualization, Electrical Routing, PCB Collaboration, Advanced PMI, Simulation, and Solid Edge XpresRoute. With a versatile token system, you may mix and match add-on goods with ease.

SE23-Value-Based Licensing

The user interface (UI) for Solid Edge has been updated with a fresh appearance and feel to better suit your working style. Updates include enhanced modeling workflows, new customization choices, and intuitive command bars and toolbars. Ordered users now have access to Synchronous tools because of improvements to the Sheet Metal and Ordered Part modeling workflows, which boosts productivity and shortens the learning curve for new users.

SE23-CoreCAD-new Solid Edge user interface

The power of your design data is unlocked by new interoperability improvements, which also help to future-proof your work. With ease, transfer Solid Edge data to and from NX Mechatronics Concept Designer (MCD) and Process Simulate, two tools in the Xcelerator range. Insert (part or assembly) files from SolidWorks, JT, STEP, and Parasolid into Solid Edge assemblies without translation.


The improvements to Model-Based Definition (MBD) provide you the ability to detail 3D models more quickly and simply than ever. Your productivity is greatly increased thanks to enhanced processes and automated help. For upcoming PMI applications, a new Solid Edge Advanced PMI add-on provides high-quality, consistent dimensioning.

SE23-MBD with Advanced PMI

Introducing Solid Edge Inspector, a production tool that reduces inspection errors to save time and money. Solid Edge Inspector automates the creation of trustworthy inspection reports and data, allowing for seamless communication in the following manufacturing process.

Solid Edge 2023 Inspector

Improved features now make it possible to simulate convergent models—models made through generative design or derived from 3D scans—without first converting them to b-rep. The assembly and sheet metal simulation features of Body Mesh have been added, reducing meshing errors and speeding up simulation studies.


Solid Edge CAM Pro’s new Multi-Axis Roughing for 5-Axis Machining offers quicker and more effective material removal. Your capacity to make shapes, even those that would otherwise be too expensive or perhaps impossible, is improved by a new Rotary Machining Add-on for 4-Axis machining and new Wire EDM features. Simple access to standardized, expertly crafted machine simulation kits is made possible by the Smart Machine Kits collection.


You can accomplish even more with graphics and technical documentation thanks to a new, contemporary user interface and improvements to usability, processes, and animations. Give graphics and parts with dynamic displays with Rich Text Metadata. For camera movement, part reveals, part movement, part hide, and other animation features, create custom transitions with pre-defined timing. Create many master pages, then display document-side thumbnails.


What’s new in Solid Edge 2023


Mechanical Design

Solid Edge 2023 continues to provide improved workflows, enabling higher performance and efficiency.


With new interoperability advancements in Solid Edge 2023, you can unleash the potential of your design data while also future-proofing your work.

Model-based Definition

Strong Point Advanced PMI and model-based definition capabilities provide new streamlined tools for detailing 3D models more quickly and easily than ever before.

Solid Edge Inspector

Solid Edge Inspector is now available. Eliminate inspection errors and streamline the quality and inspection planning process to save time and money in manufacturing.


By front-loading the simulation process, Solid Edge 2023 continues to accelerate the design process by giving powerful capabilities to assist in digitally evaluating designs and manufacturing better products in less time.

Value-based Licensing

With new Value-based Licensing, you can get the Solid Edge add-on products you need when you need them. Choose the capabilities you want and when you want them, then mix and match add-on products as needed.


With the advanced, automated tools of Solid Edge’s fully integrated CAD/CAM solutions, you can transform your manufacturing and utilise your design data.

Technical Publications

The process of developing attractive and engaging technical documentation is accelerated by Solid Edge 3D Publishing.