Deployment Center reduces the cost of ownership for PLM administrators


As a PLM administrator, you require simple and adaptable tools for managing your Teamcenter® product lifecycle management (PLM) environment. Deployment Center is a web-based installer that allows you to easily install, patch, and upgrade Teamcenter software in an infinite number of environments. This means that you can manage all of your Teamcenter environments from a single Deployment Center client — even if you’re in production on one version of Teamcenter and testing the next release — across departments and locations.

You can choose and install applications on a single machine or across a distributed environment using Deployment Center. With each component installed on its own machine, you can distribute the performance load across machines. This is useful in production environments where a large and dispersed user base can be supported by a number of servers. You only need to enter the machines where the target software should be installed, and the Deployment Center will handle the rest, giving you complete PLM administrative system automation, visibility, and control.

PLM administrators can deploy, manage, and maintain Teamcenter from Deployment Center’s web-based UI. Read more below.

A PLM administrator’s command center for multiple environments

You can get all of the information about how each of your environments is configured from Deployment Center’s web-based UI, including environment names, machines where software is installed, and applications installed. You can see where the architectural components, such as servers and databases, are installed. You can also choose software information to learn more about what it does, or a component to learn more about its business purpose and the parameters that have been set.


Easy to configure and adapt to changes in the business

You can manage changes in your business, such as upgrading to new versions, adding new PLM solutions, or bringing a new acquisition or department online with Teamcenter, from Deployment Center. You have the option of deploying Teamcenter to new users, machines, or servers. Deployment Center’s web-based UI and simple tools help you manage and maintain multiple PLM environments more efficiently, saving your company time and money.


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