ERP system and application integrations so you can see the big picture


While Siemens PLM Software’s Teamcenter® product lifecycle management (PLM) system manages the majority of your product definition data, it must collaborate with your ERP system and other enterprise applications to provide a complete picture of your business, including engineering, manufacturing, finance, and operations. The Active Integration application-specific solutions for SAP® and Oracle® provide full bi-directional information exchange, allowing you to make good product decisions wherever you work in the business.

Beyond ERP systems, Teamcenter has the flexibility and tools to integrate with a variety of applications, depending on your business requirements, such as wire harness design tools, simulation modelling tools, or our own Polarion® application lifecycle management system (ALM). You connect your best-in-class applications to your Teamcenter environment for seamless visibility and information exchange to effectively run your business.

Extend your PLM environment with integrations to ERP and other systems, along with tailored UI configuration. Read more below.

Declarative UI configuration, not customization

Teamcenter can be customised to meet the needs of your industry and business, including the presentation of PLM information and processes to specific users and roles. Declarative Active Workspace user interface (UI) configuration allows for the concise, codeless, and prescriptive definition of UI view content, layout, routing, and behaviours. Map and describe actions, messages, events, service calls, and their inputs/outputs. Instead of writing custom code, you can quickly and cheaply configure the UI.


Exchange, manage, and share data across applications

The Linked Data Framework enables cross-domain data synchronisation of linked objects and status checks, as well as filtering of remote objects in the relationship browser across multiple systems, when you need access to product information across systems such as Teamcenter PLM and Polarion application lifecycle management (ALM). You can exchange data with disconnected, third-party systems using the data import/export framework by allowing Teamcenter to consume 4GD PLMXML data from external sources.

Flexible information exchange between enterprise systems

Active Integration offers a cooperative framework for successfully connecting with your other business systems, such as CRM, MES, and ERP, to guarantee the relevant data is available when it’s needed. Its framework enables complicated processes that promote innovation while being unrestricted by system boundaries. XML/Flat file, web services, JDBC/ODBC, and API connectivity technologies easily link all of your applications while preserving high data integrity and usability.

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Interface to SAP_tcm27-96987

Intuitive and transparent PLM-ERP systems and processes

When SAP S/4HANA, SAP Business Suite, and Oracle E-Business Suite are integrated as part of the Active Integration product suite, bidirectional information sharing and exchange is achieved while also utilising the advantages of content federation that is driven by business logic. Your entire business and operation decision-making is optimized by pre-configured workflows and batch operations. Regardless of whether the information comes from an ERP or PLM system, you have everything you need to make wise design and business decisions.

PLM-Camstar integration aligns BOPs and BOMs across engineering and manufacturing

With the Camstar Enterprise Platform (CEP) integration with Teamcenter, you can improve collaboration between engineering and manufacturing. The integration exchanges bills of process (BOPs) and bills of materials using the CIO Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) web service adapter and API (BOMs). To synchronise decision-making across your business, you can modify and enrich the BOP and BOMs in Camstar, then upload the information to Teamcenter for approval, along with any qualified event information.


PLM-SIMATIC IT integration enables Closed Loop Manufacturing (CLM)

The authorized process configuration is followed in all work orders thanks to the Active Integration between Teamcenter and SIMATIC IT UA DM. PLM and shop floor engineers collaborate in the same problem management workflow to close the loop and rectify and enhance production processes. Model-based definitions for data collection, model-based work instructions, and resource needs are all included in execution-ready bills of the process, which guarantee that the digital thread is kept up throughout design, planning, construction, and execution.


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