Global PLM scalability that can grow as your business grows


You are aware of the state of your company today, but do you know where it will be in the future? The most popular product lifecycle management (PLM) tool in the world, Teamcenter®, provides the adaptability and scalability to support your company’s operations across locations and divisions. Today, you can be confident that your PLM investment may expand as your business develops, all the way up to a huge corporation with numerous geographically scattered sites and complicated supply chains, even if you only need PLM for a small team inside a single site. The top manufacturers in the world have standardised on Teamcenter for global PLM because they know the technology is sound and dependable and that Teamcenter can scale to serve hundreds of users up to thousands of users.

Teamcenter has solutions for the workgroup to a global PLM enterprise, including customers, partners, and suppliers. Read more below.

Extend PLM to customers, partners, and suppliers

By engaging internal and external customers, partners, and suppliers in your global PLM ecosystem, Teamcenter makes collaboration easier. Each site may be linked together in a peer-to-peer setup much like any other PLM site with direct access to the network. However, Teamcenter offers extra configurations—hub and proxy—for access that is more secure and managed. In cases where data must live where it is created owing to local legislation, Teamcenter also enables multisite cooperation.


Multi-site collaboration across geographies

Teamcenter provides you with the freedom to adopt PLM gradually, which creates the foundation for extensive deployment. PLM may be deployed independently at any location in the globe, and connections between locations can be established as soon as the sites decide to coordinate their actions. By doing so, a corporation may avoid the extensive early planning and significant risk associated with the big bang strategy demanded by other designs, which forces a company to specify the entirety of its global PLM deployment up front.


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