Secure your lifecycle management process to safeguard valuable product information


Nothing is more valuable in the manufacturing industry than product and process information. You must safeguard your product development and lifecycle management processes against internal and external threats, as well as cybercrime. Teamcenter® from Siemens PLM Software is a secure product lifecycle management (PLM) system that only allows authorized users access to information.

Across your lifecycle management processes, Teamcenter offers security solutions that are dependable, simple to implement, and readily maintained. You can impose sophisticated safeguards like export control (ITAR), non-disclosure agreements, and supplier security depending on the requirements of your industry. To preserve your most important product information and safeguard contractual connections, you may integrate information protection and user access needs with cutting-edge security methods for application and IT infrastructure.

From user access controls to behind-the-scenes security protocols, Teamcenter protects your product lifecycle management system, information, and processes. Learn more below.

Digital Rights Management

Teamcenter Digital Rights Management (DRM) enables users to control access to and use of product data shared with employees, partners, and suppliers, protect IP from data leakage or theft, automatically extend product lifecycle management (PLM) security to product data files downloaded from Teamcenter, facilitate secure collaboration with supply chain partners, eliminate manual security procedures that inhibit collaboration, and comply with applicable regulatory requirements.

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Easy PLM access and collaboration, with behind-the-scenes authentication and authorization

Users can easily log into Teamcenter by using familiar methods. Behind the scenes, Teamcenter ensures that each individual is who they claim to be and that they only see the information and processes to which they are entitled.

  • Form-based, smart card, SAML, and Kerberos with SSO authentication options are available, as well as leveraging your existing identity management infrastructure.
  • BCRYPT password hashtag algorithm (NIST-approved, more secure than MD5)
  • Multifactor authentication is used with digital signatures to ensure authenticity, integrity, and non-repudiation.

Intellectual property protection, applying best-in-class protocols

User authentication is an effective offense, but the security protocols that your IT teams enforce are an effective defense. It’s simple to use, simple to manage for IT, and powerful and effective at preventing cybercrime and protecting your valuable product information.

  • Forward and reverse proxy configuration via central configuration
  • The granularity of access control with over 100 access control privileges, types, and conditions
  • ITAR/NDA/Supplier compliance requires project-level security and Authorized Data Access (ADA).
  • Test-driven security model development combined with automated security model testing

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