Deliver an enterprise PLM user experience to help people collaborate and get work done


How does enterprise product lifecycle management (PLM) feel to use? When a software update looks to make the burden heavier rather than lighter, people might often be resistant to the change. A good user experience can really make a difference. You may get greater value out of your investment when users accept and support new software.

To assist all sorts of users in getting work done, Teamcenter® offers a straightforward, entertaining, and useful user experience that is informed by current and pertinent product information:

  • Authors of designs and documents… who wish to integrate PLM with their preferred programs, like as MCAD or Microsoft® Office
  • Reviewers… who need to view and work together on documents and product ideas without using an authoring program
  • Managers… who want simple information access as well as more advanced planning, scheduling, and reporting tools
  • Administrative staff who want tools to more effectively manage and maintain the PLM environment

Reach more people with easy, intuitive access to the product information and process automation of enterprise PLM. Learn more below.

Teamcenter using Active Workspace

Active Workspace offers access to Teamcenter from well-known office and design apps and any web browser in order to reach more people, across functional boundaries. You may check product information or take part in PLM processes like design reviews or engineering changes from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Active Workspace makes it simple for everyone in your company—from CEOs to shop floor workers—to conduct searches to find the information they need.


Easy access to PLM, for greater user adoption and satisfaction

More individuals will utilize corporate PLM if it is simple to use. With the Active Workspace client, Teamcenter offers a straightforward, standardized online user experience. You may increase productivity and inform decisions across domains, departments, and even with partners, suppliers, and clients with the aid of Active Workspace. To access anything you need to know or do when it comes to developing items, all you have to do is open a browser window on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Intuitive search and navigation to find what you need faster

You may utilize Active Workspace to get what you need fast and effortlessly if you know how to search and purchase online. Using sophisticated markup and commenting capabilities, you may interact across your organization while reviewing drawings and documents in neutral formats like JT and PDF. Workflows like design release and change alerts are open to your participation. With simple access to the capability of enterprise PLM, you may peruse technical publications, edit papers, and amend the bill of materials.


Responsive, adaptable to disruption and business change

Teamcenter is readily adaptable when anything in your business changes and you have to act immediately. Teamcenter can help you make the transition, cascading new information or procedures to stakeholders across departments, partners, suppliers, and even customers. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new rule, requirement, or entirely new method of working. Teamcenter encourages efficiency and adaptability, ensuring that your PLM investment will pay off today and in the unknowable future.


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