Superior PLM user experience – driven anywhere, on any device: Teamcenter Active Workspace UX


The User Interface (UI) that powers Teamcenter®, Active Workspace, is brimming with effective features that will help you access information more quickly, work more efficiently, and interact with ease. You receive a visual user interface (UI) with useful tooltips to lead you through your goods and processes without the need to install anything. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help you by proposing routine tasks, reducing training requirements, and reducing the number of mouse clicks you make. Even the way Teamcenter looks and feels may be customized to your tastes.

Teamcenter can be accessible anywhere, on any device, and is made for everyone who has a stake in your product development processes. You won’t need to switch between programmes since it even links to your accustomed office and design software. For a better user experience, securely log into Teamcenter and work easily with staff members from executive levels to the shop floor.

Deliver easy, intuitive access to Teamcenter to help people across your business make more informed product decisions. Take a look at Active Workspace.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Teamcenter Assistant

With the addition of Teamcenter Assistant to Active Workspace, the value of product lifecycle management is now even more accessible to a large user base (PLM). Instead of wasting time learning how to use PLM, the adaptive user interface provides AI help at your fingertips to complete jobs quickly and enable everyone to add their own experience and innovation.

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IT friendly zero-install application

An IT-friendly Teamcenter client called Active Workspace offers a consistent and smooth user experience on any computer or mobile device with zero-install requirements and web browser access.

Role-based information and processes

In the context of your position and the task you’re attempting to do, Active Workspace offers you with pertinent product information. Whether you’re an author, reviewer, manager, or PLM administrator, important Active Workspace capabilities like change management, document management, workflow, requirements management, and visualisation provide you the capacity to act and have an influence throughout the product lifecycle. Anyone may see the broad picture more clearly and make wiser decisions with clear reporting.


Search, navigate and tailor individual needs

You may search the web and shop online with the help of Active Workspace. You can discover the information you need fast with the use of text, shape, and shopping cart-style filtering. You can easily go down and locate what you need with Active Workspace’s graphically organized presentation of search results in logical groupings. You may easily go through pertinent PLM information with the use of an intuitive connection and product structure browser.


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