Flexible BOM management enables a single, integrated BOM


BOM management starts before before the first drawing is created and continues even after the first item is manufactured. When departments each retain their own unique definition of the BOM, it can result in inconsistent data, a lack of awareness of the effects of change, lost effort resolving information between systems, and expensive mistakes.

For all those who deal with the BOM, Teamcenter® offers a customizable BOM management method that enables a single, precise product specification. You can give a comprehensive, up-to-date source of information that replaces the need for separate spreadsheets and systems by being flexible in how you create and maintain your BOM. Support initial planning and the definition of the master product through design, development, production, service, and other processes. A single product description is viewed and interacted with by various roles in ways that make sense to them. Additionally, you may combine your BOM data with other business platforms like ERP. You can ensure that the things you plan to produce are produced cost-effectively by having consistent BOM information across platforms.

Here are some of the ways you can leverage flexible BOM management to enable an integrated product definition.

Design BOM Management

Through close connections with the MCAD, ECAD, software development, and simulation technologies you regularly use, Teamcenter offers cross-domain design BOM management. With a single, secure source of design BOM data, you can manage, locate, exchange, and reuse multi-domain data among design centres located all over the world. Recognize the intricate interdependence and interactions between components from many design domains in all potential product configurations, even as they change.


Establish a Link Between the MBOM and the BOP

Build a bridge between the plant-centric and product-centric perspectives of building a product (BOP), while keeping an eye on the manufacturing bill of materials (MBOM).

Generate the As-Built BOM of Physical Assets

Create, maintain, and distribute the as-built bill of materials (BOM) for your physical assets so that it can be used to verify the product, as well as to track deviations, warranty requests, and compliance.


Record the In-Service BOM of Physical Assets

Keep track of your physical assets’ in-service bill of materials (BOM) from the time they are first installed until they are retired, both for product verification and for documentation of deviations, warranty claims, compliance, and retirement.

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