BOM configuration management enables greater variety with less effort

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Your clients expect options. To make those decisions, BOM configuration management must be efficient. Keeping track of separate product definitions for each variation of a product you sell quickly gets out of hand. Instead of putting that time and effort into developing better goods, you end up spending a lot of time managing BOM configurations and keeping them up to date as the product changes.

Whether you need a platform with a range of customer offerings, a small set of standard goods, or you deal with orders tailored to each customer’s own set of criteria, Teamcenter® offers flexible BOM configuration techniques that enable the whole scope of product configuration. From planning through development to manufacturing and beyond, BOM configuration management offers a single definition of variability.

Effective BOM configuration management can help you deliver more product variations with less effort. Learn more below.


Teamcenter’s powerful CTO capabilities can help you satisfy your consumers’ demand for variety while boosting profitability. With a single definition of variability throughout the lifetime, Teamcenter enables product line engineering. Product options are controlled separately, are not dependent on design data, and can be used by the entire company. Planning, engineering, production, and other departments can use this to give an accessible shared source of configuration data.

bom configuration


With the help of Teamcenter’s Engineer to Order (ETO) capabilities, you can make the intricate, time-consuming ETO process operate with almost the same speed and accuracy as a more customizable product. The technical principles and standards that you employ on a daily basis to design your products can be written down. These rules can be used to automatically create new designs that meet each customer’s specifications and include all necessary product content.


Product Variant Management

Most of the time, the Bill of Materials (BOM) for any given product is the same for most, if not all, of the product variants. You can formally control variability right within the BOM with the aid of Teamcenter by utilising this information. You may control a corporate set of features that can be applied to new goods or product generations. The definition and management of your product over its lifespan are made much more efficient as a result.



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