BOM change management is key to staying on top of market demands

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How do you control product definition modification to meet market demands and produce successful products? Because BOM change management and writing operations are not coupled, even when they exist in the same application, many businesses today struggle to manage product changes.

Teamcenter® offers BOM change management that is intimately connected with the creation of the content for your products. This makes it possible to automate processes effectively. Changes may be tracked as they are made, and comprehensive change contexts can be enabled for analysis and validation. Automation of change facilitates coordination of the impact of change across architectures, configurations, designs, and actual bills of materials. It also offers traceability between change and product data. You may react to market changes more quickly and outperform your competition by integrating BOM change management with product content authoring.

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Change in context

With Teamcenter, changes can be tracked automatically as they are made. The system automatically records what is occurring, updating affected, related, and target information as you add or remove parts, alter amounts, and make other changes. Your change procedures will be substantially streamlined as a result, and accuracy will be maintained throughout.

bom change management

Evolution across the lifecycle

The introduction of new product features and capabilities during the course of the product’s life is made simpler when change management is connected to the authoring of product content. Support for more sophisticated concurrent, parallel, and alternate change capabilities is available. Error-free evaluation and incorporation of changes are possible.


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