Search, filter, and leverage personal BOM views to get your job done

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Companies are rushing to find ways to make an integrated product definition come to life in an intelligent PLM system at the enterprise level. For today’s sophisticated goods, this calls for progressively larger volumes of data. A new problem develops when all the parts are put together; how can your users, who are suddenly inundated with information, locate what they need to complete their tasks?

With the help of Teamcenter, groups and individuals can locate the data they want and use it in ways that are most beneficial to them. To discover the specific information needed to complete a task, you may swiftly search and filter through enormous volumes of data. After that, see BOMs and other data in a straightforward manner. Working in the context of your goods is flexible; you may do it in role-based workspaces that are uniquely yours, in pre-defined BOM views that are relevant to your industry, or by establishing it on-the-fly.

Learn more about how you can search, filter, and leverage personal BOM views to get your job done.

Search and Discover

Flexible information structuring makes it possible to find and explore products with ease. Each component is aware of its own characteristics, place within the whole, and relationship to other components. You may utilize your intuition to gather knowledge by asking questions such as, “Where are all the locations this part is used?” What components are 100 cm or less apart from this one? Your findings are immediately and aesthetically displayed, and they are accurate and current.

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Your BOM View

With Teamcenter, employees from all departments within your company have safe access to a customized BOM view that is pertinent to their duties. You may complete your task in context without having to sift through material that is unrelated or outside of its purview. You have all you require in a way that is significant to you. To preserve the integrity of a single product description, you can use predefined views or construct your own context on the fly.

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