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Continuous and systematic product improvement depends on effective product change management. It is challenging to meet demands for a steady supply of cutting-edge new goods because of inconsistent and laborious procedures, geographically dispersed resources, and ever-increasing restrictions. You need to be able to manage change well if you want to stay up with the pace of today’s market demands.

Using Teamcenter®, you can streamline your product change management procedures and bring innovation to life. You can successfully plan because you have a comprehensive grasp of the data, people, and processes that are affected by a change. Utilize adaptable change methods that are tailored to your unique requirements. These procedures direct action and aid in ensuring complete change traceability. With the use of product change management, you can efficiently oversee the development of your goods, problems, and improvements while also bringing about change in a thorough, timely manner to better serve the demands of your consumers.

Explore the details of product change management that can help you optimize change and realize innovation.

End-to-end change execution

You can manage your change processes across all impacted domains, schedules, and resources with the use of Teamcenter’s product change management. You may more easily handle complicated modifications with the help of effective workflow and scheduling management tools. Consistent closed-loop procedures offer full traceability for audit history and tracking and provide feedback to aid in the optimization of change processes.

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Flexible and configurable change

Product change management tools provide you a precise knowledge of a change so you can decide if it necessitates the formality of a formal process or just a straightforward change procedure. Your change procedures may be varied thanks to components that are adaptable, modular, and flexible. Depending on the sort of change, its complexity, or even the needs of a particular group inside your business, you can need a different kind of change assistance. Manage and carry out the best modification for the circumstance.


Impact Analysis and Integrated Change

The range of impacted data, people, and processes may be understood and managed with the use of impact analysis skills. A modification in design that costs relatively little could necessitate retooling in production, or perhaps the resources needed to carry it out won’t be available for several months. You have integrated control over all impacted items with a common product change management system for PLM data. You can plan the modification of the affected assets and decide on timing and cost with accuracy.


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