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Tools for documentation are crucial to the lifespan of a product. Documents can be expensive to create, have a lengthy shelf life (often longer than the things they describe), be quite complicated, and in some sectors even need to follow strict requirements. When papers are used properly, especially to help the service industry, they may be quite profitable.

To assist your teams in producing specifications, analytical reports, 2D/3D graphics, spreadsheets, test data, and technical publications, Teamcenter® offers documentation tools. Technical publications and documents are stored in the same product lifecycle management (PLM) system as the rest of your product-related data. Authors of documents may adhere to the same deadlines and have immediate access to current product information like a bill of materials, a components list, and 3D geometry. With Teamcenter, you can keep your product design and documentation up to date with changes to the product, cutting down on development time and expense while increasing document effectiveness.

Teamcenter Has Documentation Tools to Meet All Your Needs for Product-Related Document and Content Management, and Streamlined Technical Publishing. Read on to Learn More.

Artwork Design and Proofing

Vendors and designers must be in close contact in order to generate packaging and design artwork. Teamcenter Advanced Proofing’s advanced markup features, such as collaborative review/markup, deep zoom, colour separation, and a large number of supported file formats, will help you create artwork and packaging more quickly. The management and capturing of comments and annotations on the file are automated. Teamcenter increases the timeliness and calibre of product artwork and packaging by collaborating on artwork creation and proofreading throughout the lifecycle.

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Document Authoring Tool Integrations

You can lessen the manual labour required for document generation with Teamcenter. Using well-known Microsoft Office and Adobe authoring tools, you may generate documents that are controlled in Teamcenter. Papers can be created with standardised content, material may be added by connecting documents to product structures, and documents can be signed and released when they are authorised. Documents for certain product configurations and revisions can be saved in Teamcenter so they can be referred to and used again for new product development.

Structured Content Management

enables your tech writers and illustrators to automatically assemble and publish product or service information in numerous languages and formats, according to your product settings. Provides subject and data module management and a dynamic publishing environment inside PLM. Effective technical publications tailored to individual products and a shorter time to market are the outcomes.

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Create and Edit Documents

There are many employees in your company that may be utilising PLM but aren’t. The user experience must be easy to use and approachable for them to be interested. To make it simple for users to generate and update documents, maintain them in Teamcenter, and take part in PLM activities from their preferred application, Teamcenter is integrated with popular office suites.

Document Collaboration and Markup

You may collaborate on papers with embedded designs and drawings in open standards like PDF and JPG regardless of your favourite writing programme. You may examine and annotate product-related documents using Teamcenter’s view and markup features, recording and sharing comments inside the document to promote teamwork and communication.

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