Artwork design and proofing, managed within the product lifecycle

artwork design

Designers and vendors must communicate often during the proofreading and design phases of an artwork. Markup of the digital materials, layout, and artwork is also included in this, frequently at the pixel-by-pixel level.

Using Teamcenter® Advanced Proofing will make the process of creating artwork more productive. Internal reviewers may use Teamcenter to offer input on the effects of product and product family changes, while external reviewers and vendors can supply high-quality marketing and packaging materials. You may add notes and annotations to the document that are automatically handled, recorded, and tied to digital assets, drawings, and layouts within Teamcenter. Across a large number of supported file types, you may employ sophisticated markup features like collaborative review/markup, deep zoom, and colour separation. To modify, open, edit, and save illustrations, designers may host Teamcenter in Adobe Creative Cloud applications like Adobe® Illustrator®, InDesign®, and Photoshop®. This helps to increase timeliness and quality.

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