Adobe document management and design within product lifecycle management (PLM)

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The administration of Adobe® documents can be difficult and time-consuming. Adobe digital assets and layouts are kept in sync with all of your other product-related data in the same system via Teamcenter® product lifecycle management (PLM). Because Adobe customers have immediate access to product information as the products change, it’s simple to maintain track of updates and revisions in Teamcenter. In order to be reused and utilized as references for the next product development, Adobe artwork and designs may be managed and linked in Teamcenter to certain product configurations and revisions.

Teamcenter may be housed in Adobe Creative Cloud tools to make PLM simple for designers to utilize. You can edit, open, and save illustrations using Adobe Illustrator®, InDesign®, and Photoshop®. These Adobe programs provide designers with access to a variety of PLM features. Customers of Teamcenter may use powerful proofing software that includes collaboration, annotation, and markup for quicker viewing in addition to Adobe document management.

Manage and track artwork and designs using Adobe document management within PLM to streamline processes and promote re-use. Read more below.

Adobe authoring integration connects artwork and design with product release cycles

Designers and illustrators may search and explore existing artwork and layout assets in Teamcenter from Adobe CC Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop to discover the information they’re looking for. You may check product schedules, submit artwork for approval, and examine vendor or customer feedback using controlled Adobe documents. Project-specific color guides and consistency management templates may be arranged and used on the appropriate artwork. Manage the release cycles and save your work back to Teamcenter all from the same apps.


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Advanced proofing aligned with product design and change

Teamcenter Advanced Proofing’s advanced markup features, such as collaborative review/markup, deep zoom, colour separation, and pixel-level markup for PDF and other file types, can assist you in creating artwork and packaging. The file’s comments and annotations are automatically maintained and recorded. In Teamcenter, you may collaborate on artwork creation and proofing so that you can provide artwork and packaging that is in step with changing product designs.


Easily and efficiently re-use digital assets in artwork and layouts

You may reuse text, images, logos, and photographs by opening the files in Teamcenter and dragging and dropping digital elements onto designs and layouts. Reused assets are connected and integrated into the artwork, but they are handled as separate objects and may be controlled and distributed independently of the artwork. To maintain uniformity and reduce management effort, templates and colour books are offered for particular product families.


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