Microsoft document management and authoring within product lifecycle management (PLM)

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The majority of individuals utilize Microsoft Office to complete their work. Because of this, Teamcenter® product lifecycle management (PLM) includes embedded Office programs and Microsoft document management, enabling users to generate and modify documents using Microsoft Word® and PowerPoint®. Directly from your Office apps, you can do product data searches, create, modify, check-in, check out, and submit documents, and take part in workflows, such as giving reviews your approval from Outlook. You may use Excel® to modify bills of materials (BOMs) and Word to produce requirements documents using specific Teamcenter tools.

Users of Microsoft® Office are able to read and edit Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files straight from a web browser without the need for a plug-in or download while using Teamcenter Office Online. For the majority of users, there is no learning curve to utilise PLM and no special training necessary because you are already familiar with Office. People may use Teamcenter from any location, at any time, and on any device with Office Online access.

Create, share, and manage Microsoft Office documents with the rest of your product information, without leaving your application of choice. Read more below.

Document markup for business-wide collaboration

Groups, roles, and programs can access documents in Teamcenter as needed. Documents may be controlled through processes, revisions, modifications, and release status as essential business items. Markup managers assist in team and management review, and you may use the web client, Active Workspace, to sort and dispose of text and graphic comments from reviewers directly in Teamcenter. You can also keep track of this disposition to keep track of the adjustments that arise as the document changes.

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Use PLM from Microsoft Office to simplify access and ease-of-use

To handle Microsoft documents and accommodate your use of Microsoft Office, Teamcenter offers a variety of Microsoft Office connections. Teamcenter Office Online enables viewing and editing of Microsoft Office files without a local installation of Microsoft Office for sporadic users or fast modifications. Use the Teamcenter Office Client to search and explore Teamcenter information, create new files, and open, edit, and save them straight to Teamcenter from within Word, Excel, and PowerPoint when traditional editing is necessary.

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