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Quality documentation, such as parts catalogues, instruction manuals, and operations and maintenance manuals, is necessary for quality goods. New technical publication standards are being established for document structure, localised translations, and product-specific content by global marketplaces and industry requirements like S1000D and DITA. Longer document production cycles and the necessity for organised content management are the end results of all this.

Within product lifecycle management, Teamcenter® Content Management offers subject and data module management as well as a dynamic publishing environment (PLM). Technical authors and illustrators have access to the XML text and visuals that are related to the product content and may take part in engineering change procedures. You may automate the creation and publication of product or service documentation tailored to your product configurations in a variety of languages and formats. Draft text and images are created through integrated XML writing and publishing tools for authors and artists, and content is then automatically updated with engineering changes. With structured content management, publications are produced more quickly and with higher quality.

Deliver quality publications and faster time-to-market using structured content management within PLM. Learn more below.

RapidAuthor Interactive Visual Content

Highly detailed technical publications may be very profitable, especially when they increase the efficiency of production and support teams. By integrating that material directly in technical documentation, RapidAuthor for Teamcenter allows you to get more value out of your investment in engineering design data. To help people understand how goods operate and the choices that must be taken to build and maintain them, CAD and PLM XML material is instantly transformed to text and 2D/3D visuals and animations.

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Streamline delivery of parts catalogs, work instructions, and learning content

With Teamcenter technical publishing software, you can maintain alignment between your parts catalogues, work instructions, and learning content with product configurations and design changes to cut down on time and expense associated with documentation while enhancing quality and delivery. By employing document classification and variations, technical writers may manage document structures. Illustrations may be made by illustrators, and the appropriate visual alternatives are generated and handled automatically to accommodate numerous media outputs.

Technical publications software supports authoring standards like PI-Mod and DITA

In contrast to PI-Mode, which offers reusable topics tailored for mechanical engineering and plant building, the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) facilitates the reuse of XML topics between publications. For automated formatting of XML material for both HTML and PDF output, Teamcenter offers DITA and Pi-Mod stylesheets. You may manage XML components from a user interface that is simple to use and designed with technical writers in mind, reuse them across articles, and organise them according to product configuration for usage in other publications.

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