Connect planning to production to deliver the correct data to the shop floor

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By making your machine shop a data-driven operation, you may increase operational efficiency overall.

Utilizing a single source of data, connect the industrial planning and production environments. You may use the proper manufacturing data in production thanks to the continuous digital thread. Utilizing the most recent technology for Direct Numerical Control, you may send comprehensive work instructions directly to the machine tools, inspection instruments, and presetters (DNC).

Read more about the powerful features for connecting to the shop floor below.

Connect Planning to Production with PLM-Driven DNC

Teamcenter’s Shop Floor Connect (SFC) programme is a useful add-on. Without the requirement for local data storage, SFC for Teamcenter enables the delivery of CNC programme files from Teamcenter straight to the control of the machine.

Access to current and published CNC programmes, drawings, 3D models, and other data handled in Teamcenter is made easier for production staff by SFC for Teamcenter. The link to the centralised Teamcenter database prevents data duplication and handles modifications better than a standard DNC system, ensuring that the proper production data is used on the shop floor. Additionally, it enables complete access and revision control when new or updated data is saved in Teamcenter.

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Transfer Data to Shop Floor with DNC Connect

By managing and transferring manufacturing data from NX CAM, you can make sure the proper data is utilised at the point of production. DNC Connect makes it simple to set up and use the robust Teamcenter data management features from the NX programming environment.

With NX CAM, you can produce comprehensive shop documentation, including setup sheets, tool lists, and CNC programmes. Since only authorised work packages are utilised in production, this data is kept in the database under revision control via DNC Connect. Planning and manufacturing are linked by a continuous digital thread that increases operational efficiency across the board.

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