Manage Manufacturing Resources, Including Tools, Fixtures and Machines, Digitally


A Teamcenter application called the Manufacturing Resource Library (MRL) categorises and manages data for manufacturing engineering resources. An sophisticated tool library with the ability to manage tool component and assembly data is a typical application. Powerful search, display, and retrieval capabilities are offered by our solution throughout a whole categorization system. Users of NX CAM have immediate access to the library’s selection of tools, fixtures, templates, and other items.

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Classify Tooling Data

Using Teamcenter categorization technology, the Manufacturing Resource Library assists you in classifying resources like cutting tools. As a result, the data is organised into a hierarchy of classes and subclasses.

One course may, for instance, cover every milling tool. The system maintains important features inside each class, and you may do searches using these criteria. Examples include tool length, cutting diameter, vendor, and material. The information of our solution may be visualised in 2D and 3D.

tooling data
tool assemblies

Create Tool Assemblies with Standard Components

A variety of pre-loaded cutting tool data covering a variety of common components from a number of manufacturers is offered in the Manufacturing Resource Library.

Based on the needs of your store, you may design unique tool assemblies and add your own goods as necessary.

Import Data from Tool Vendor Catalogs

You may import data from tooling vendor catalogues thanks to the Manufacturing Resource Library. The vendor’s tool classes and attributes are automatically mapped by the MRL to the corresponding fields in your component working area.

Any data can be imported, although the vendor-neutral Generic Tool Classification (GTC) standard 1.7, based on ISO 13399, offers a standard mapping for the MRL. You may fill your working library’s component and assembly regions with the tools your business utilises using the vendor data in your system.

tools vendor
tools mrl

Program Using Cutting Tools Managed in MRL

Direct access to the Manufacturing Resource Library is available through NX CAM. Using NX menus that connect directly to the MRL, NC programmers may look up and retrieve tools, fixtures, common machining templates, and machine models.

MRL is intended to be adaptable and expandable. Users of NX CAM can connect to a standalone installation of the MRL without needing Teamcenter in smaller deployments thanks to MRL Connect for NX. This offers a straightforward way to construct a cutting tool library with robust search, display, and retrieval features throughout a whole categorization system.

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