Collaboratively Define and Manage Complete Part Manufacturing Process Plans

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A manufacturing process plan outlines the product being created, the method of manufacture, the resources needed, and the location of production. Together, manufacturing engineers, NC programmers, tool designers, and managers may develop production process plans thanks to our all-inclusive solutions. You can be confident that the appropriate individuals will utilise the appropriate data when it is required by maintaining a PLM environment where the plan and relevant data are connected together.

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Define the Manufacturing Process Plan

A series of procedures may be graphically organised using Teamcenter Part Planner to create a manufacturing process plan:

  • Time, money, and other variables are rolled up for a plan report.
  • Give each operation phase a standard resource, production specs, and plant information.
  • Create and organise categories for process, operation, and plan templates
  • Check operation configurations using 3D visualisation
  • Automated incorporation of procedures like CAM operations into the manufacturing plan
  • Work from a single controlled information source while utilising the same data.
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Leverage a Single Source of Data

To facilitate access and retrieval, make sure that all manufacturing data (including CAM, tooling, fixtures, and CMM data) is handled in a single location under revision control.

On planning activities like NC programming, you may allocate, route, and monitor progress. By connecting team members’ data to the production process, the entire team can work together. Review and comments are welcome on resource, process, and product material. The use of Part Planner guarantees that information about resources and standard processes is constantly current.

Transfer Manufacturing Plans to Production

The consolidated data and process management system of Teamcenter software provides a foundation for quickly moving work packages from planning to production.

The work packages normally include setup sheets, tool data, NC programmes, 3D models, and work instructions. The production team will always utilise the most recent version thanks to the single source of information, which completely eliminates the chance of utilising erroneous information. In order to examine data, register changes, and provide feedback, shop floor personnel might be given access to the planning system, creating a continuous digital thread that connects the whole operation.

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