Improve Collaboration Across the Design Chain With Catia V5 Integration


You can shorten development time while fostering best-in-class communication throughout your business and supply chain thanks to the Teamcenter® software integration for CATIA V5. In order to guarantee that the correct people receive the right information, all design information is gathered and managed in a single, secure product lifecycle management (PLM) environment that incorporates version management and access restrictions.

Designed for wide area network (WAN) scalability, Teamcenter enables design teams located throughout your supply chain to collaborate across sites to accelerate product development. Users can utilise CATIA multi-model linkages in Teamcenter to navigate through a range of links and relationships since they are retained there. You can easily traverse the information required to build appropriate spatial contexts for your design work and share them with others thanks to the straightforward access to a comprehensive range of PLM capabilities that is provided. By integrating them into multi-CAD assemblies, component designs created in other CAD systems may also be reused.

Find, Re-Use, and Share Product Information More Efficiently With Integration Between Your Catia V5 Design Environment and Teamcenter PLM. Read More Below.

Access up-to-date product information quickly and easily

Enjoy easy access to information on products and processes that lets you collaborate on designs. You can quickly search for and securely access designs, manage data revisions, create product configurations, start structured workflow and change processes in a single or multi-site deployment using Teamcenter software’s Active Workspace, which is integrated with CATIA V5. All of this is possible from inside your CATIA environment.


Automated Workflow Processes, Including Design Release and Change

Structured workflows and change procedures must be implemented throughout the whole organisation if product delivery and quality goals are to be consistently met. To start, carry out, evaluate, and approve product modifications or requests for additional parts, you may construct workflows. As part of these organised procedures, you can also automatically route the required alerts. You may fulfil delivery objectives and guarantee complete product quality by using organised workflows, problem tracking, and coordinated change management procedures.

Maximize powerful design activities

Keep working on Impact Analysis or loading, storing, and amending data in CATIA using Teamcenter. Design activities may be delivered with accurate content by visualising and configuring assemblies. Display CATIA application data, such as Hide/Show, Scenes, DesignTables, Flexible Assemblies, Catalogs, and Relational design components (MML). Maintain the distribution of OEM CATIA data while supporting supplier collaboration across many CATIA environments. Additionally, Teamcenter applications like Workflow or Change Management are accessible with only one click.

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Preconfigured Pdm to Get Into Production Quickly, and Cost-Effectively, Then Grow To Plm

To meet a variety of corporate demands, Teamcenter offers multiple deployment choices. By utilising a wide range of apps, you may increase the value of your Teamcenter solution thanks to its demonstrated scalability. For small and medium-sized businesses looking for a growth route to PLM, Teamcenter Rapid Start offers a preconfigured PDM deployment option that handles design data as well as regular activities and procedures. This makes it a great entry point into the Teamcenter product family.

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