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Design management is delivered via the Teamcenter® software integration for NX, which also speeds up your procedures for product modification and effectively maintains your most valuable asset, product knowledge. By collecting all of your CAD, CAM, and CAE product and process information, including requirements and technical documentation, in a single, secure PLM environment, Teamcenter’s product lifecycle capabilities outperform those of conventional CAD file management.

It enables regionally dispersed design teams to speed product development utilising either a single data hub or regional multi-site deployments since it is optimised for wide area network (WAN) scalability. Users can access powerful features like NX Check-Mate for validating design requirements and ECN Integration for taking part in change processes while navigating vast amounts of information needed to establish a design context, load product structure by applying Teamcenter configuration rules, and access large amounts of information quickly. By integrating them into multi-CAD assemblies, component designs from other CAD systems may also be reused.

Nx Design Management With Embedded Active Workspace Delivers PLM Directly Inside Your Nx Design Session. Read More About These Features Below.

Access up-to-date product information quickly and easily

The NX design environment’s direct access to product, programme, and process data is made possible through Teamcenter software integration. You can access a full range of product lifecycle management (PLM) functionality by integrating Teamcenter software’s Active Workspace inside NX. This gives you the ability to quickly search for and securely access designs, manage data revisions, start structured workflow and change processes, access all types of documentation linked to your design data, and more.


Automatically Manage Assembly Configurations and Multi-Cad Design

Users load product structures by utilising controls to do selective/partial structure loading, by using Teamcenter configuration rules such as revision rules, exact, baseline, variations, and effectivity, and by display rules for smooth management of lightweight representations. Design teams may import and combine designs from any significant CAD system into NX for multi-CAD product development thanks to NX multi-CAD. Associative relationships between the NX and JT databases are automatically managed by Teamcenter, together with source CAD and JT representations.

Increase Your Design Reuse and Product Quality

A range of techniques are available for encouraging knowledge reuse and guaranteeing greater design quality with Teamcenter software integration for NX. Design professionals may find ready-to-use reusable designs quickly thanks to the reuse library and its interaction with Teamcenter Classification. You may build up consistent design checking for corporate standards, requirement compliance, and decision support using NX Check-Mate, Validation Manager, Requirements Manager, and NX Visual Reporting.


Optimized for Global Performance in a Shrinking World

A highly scalable digital product design environment that is completely deployable on international networks is supported by Teamcenter software integration for NX. It enables international design teams to effectively cooperate on a single Teamcenter hub or a regional Teamcenter hub and supports connections with network latencies as high as 300ms.

Preconfigured Pdm to Get Into Production Quickly, and Cost-Effectively, Then Grow To Plm

To meet a variety of corporate demands, Teamcenter offers multiple deployment choices. By utilising a wide range of apps, you may increase the value of your Teamcenter solution thanks to its demonstrated scalability. For small and medium-sized businesses looking for a growth route to PLM, Teamcenter Rapid Start offers a preconfigured PDM deployment option that handles design data as well as regular activities and procedures. This makes it a great entry point into the Teamcenter product family.


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