Design Automation Enables Generation of Part Designs Based on Your Rules


Engineered-to-order goods frequently need additional components to satisfy particular client demands. It takes time to repeatedly create the identical part with marginally changed properties. Instead than concentrating on larger value-adding tasks, design resources are concentrated on making these little tweaks.

You may use the design automation features of Teamcenter® and Rulestream to automatically generate new part designs based on engineering rules. You may benefit from several well-known CAD systems’ extensive, bi-directional connectors. According to your design criteria, these integrations allow for the dynamic development of new assemblies, components, and drawings. You may concentrate your efforts on really unique needs and let the system handle the rest by utilising design automation with automated part creation coupled with the CAD platforms you now use.

Design Automation Allows Your Designers to Spend More Time Focused on High Value Activities. Learn More Below.

Dynamically Create Assemblies

Adjustments for engineer-to-order goods are challenging and time-consuming when pre-configured assemblies are used. Assemblies are created instantly using design automation in Rulestream depending on your supplied specifications.

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MCAD Integration and Automation

Capture your engineering rules in Rulestream, then use your CAD system’s robust bi-directional connections to produce CAD drawings and documentation automatically. Even non-CAD users may utilise integrations to generate 3-D models. NXTM, Solid Edge®, SolidWorks®, and PTC CREO® software are examples of current CAD integrations.

PLM Integration and Automation

PLM is delivered with strong rule-based automation through Rulestream and Teamcenter. Powerful design automation tools may be used to develop new products, and a top-notch PLM foundation can be used to maximise management and reuse. By combining these two things, you may seamlessly transition between creation and administration and maximise your resource use.


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