Leverage Product Line Engineering to Deliver Configure-To-Order Products


Companies now face rising customer demand to provide more product variety and choice. Traditional configure-to-order procedures are made more difficult by the complexity of electrical and software components. Current systems struggle to accommodate domain-wide setup, resulting in duplicated data, mistakes, and overburdened resources.

Product line engineering inside PLM allows you to provide the diversity your consumers expect while boosting profitability. Teamcenter® allows for a unified description of variability across domains and lifecycles. Product choices are kept separately of design data and are not linked to it. This creates a centralised repository of configuration data that may be used across mechanical, electrical, and software domains. Inside PLM, product line engineering spans the whole product lifecycle, allowing you to leverage sophisticated product planning and system modelling capabilities across all domains. You can guarantee that all stakeholders understand the correct configuration information. Product line engineering allows you to respond to market demands more quickly.

With product line engineering in Teamcenter, you can deliver the variety your customer demand. Learn more below.


Feature control and evolution management

To consistently supply innovative goods, react to changing market or legal needs, or fulfil consumer requests, you must be able to adjust your product offers successfully. You can rapidly and efficiently adjust to change using Teamcenterproduct ®’s line engineering capabilities. You can add new product versions and phase out ones that are no longer relevant. Configuration elements are managed independently of product design, ensuring change management throughout the lifetime.

Product lines, features, and constraints

Use a Simple Global Dictionary to Manage Products, Product Families, Features, and the Rules That Regulate How Features Are Used. This centralised database makes it simple to reuse features across products, maximising your product development investment. Product Lines can be assigned features, and specific product models can be assigned features. You may see a summary of where features are used and group them into groups to help with design, sourcing, and manufacturing.


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