Powerful ETO Software Application Integrations Let You Work With Tools You Use Every Day

Effective automation requires the use of current technologies to create the paperwork required to manage your company. There will never be a ready-to-use, off-the-shelf solution since everyone’s demands are as unique as their goods. You are compelled to turn into a software corporation, building and maintaining code, whether you try to write this automation yourself or increase the functionality of an existing application.

Engineering automation is provided by Rulestream ETO software, allowing you to simply create and manage systems that automate the design of extremely complex engineered-to-order items. This automation platform is based on thorough, reliable connections with everyday apps. You may go on working in your accustomed CAD, Microsoft Office®, and PLM programmes. All stakeholders, not just your technical specialists, can enable engineering automation to swiftly provide intricate, engineer-to-order goods thanks to these thorough connections and strong ETO software.


Rulestream’s Powerful Eto Software Application Integrations Enable You to Quickly Develop Complex Products. Learn More Below.

Rulestream Cad Integrations

NXTM, SolidEdge®, SolidWorks®, and PTC CREO® are just a few of the industry-leading CAD software packages with which Rulestream has robust, two-way connections. You may produce new assemblies, components, and drawings dynamically in accordance with your design principles thanks to this strong connection.


Rulestream PLM integration

PLM is delivered with strong rule-based automation through Rulestream and Teamcenter. Powerful design automation tools may be used to develop new products, and a top-notch PLM foundation can be used to maximize management and reuse. Making the most of your resources is made possible by this combination, which creates a seamless transition between creation and administration.

Rulestream Visio integration

You may graphically represent a logical or physical arrangement using Microsoft® Visio software by taking advantage of the close, bi-directional connectivity. This plan automatically generates downstream products like BOMs and 3D CAD.


Rulestream Word integration

Rulestream and Microsoft Word are integrated seamlessly. Based on precise engineering designs, you may automatically produce technical documentation, sales pitches, and more.

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