Improve Quotation Costing Accuracy and Response Time to Achieve Higher Win Rate for Your New Business


Gaining market share in the cutthroat global marketplace is, after product innovation and quality, the most crucial factor for manufacturing enterprises. For developing competitive bids, in-depth product cost and profitability knowledge is essential.

Where money is made and wasted is during the quotation costing process. You run the danger of losing money if you estimate your product’s cost in an unreasonably low manner to gain a sale. An overestimation of expenses carries the same risk and might lead to lost orders. Because of this, it’s important to create quotation pricing fast, accurately, and based on facts rather than opinions.

Quotation Costing Helps in Negotiations With Customers by Presenting a Clear Cost Structure and Plausible Breakdown of the Product Costs.

Quotation Costing With Teamcenter Product Costing

The quote price is often determined many years before manufacturing begins and typically covers the whole product lifespan. With the quote costing, all pertinent factors that affect costs and product profitability are taken into account, as well as the company’s strategic goals. The quote costing can take into account technical advancement, medium- and long-term productivity, external development expenses, capital raising, and more. A centrally controlled and freely available data set is necessary for a successful quotation pricing. You may simply reuse costing-relevant data from SAP ERP systems (such as material pricing, work centres, BOMs, and routings) for calculations during the quote costing process thanks to cutting-edge integration technology.As a result, it takes far less time and money to generate fresh quotations, and the quality of the data is greater. Through the presentation of a convincing cost breakdown and a clear cost structure, quotation costing aids in client negotiations.


Your benefits

The Teamcenter quotation pricing feature helps you streamline your quotation calculating procedures so you can get more accurate estimates in a lot less time. In open-book discussions with the customer’s costs specialists, you can utilize and explain this data to determine your pricing.

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