Target Costing Helps to Achieve and Maintain Business Goals


For target costing, the majority of manufacturers still utilise spreadsheets. The outcomes are rigid and hard to contrast. The procedure frequently has to be repeated due to recurrent changes in product development or client demands. A completely parametrically based method was inapplicable for target pricing since there is rarely any useful geometric data available early on when designing new items or comparing variations. Early on, when decisions must be made fast based on incomplete data, manufacturers must be able to produce trustworthy cost claims. Following the commencement of manufacturing, product costs may be determined using enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems based on real production data and supplier pricing.ERP systems cannot be used to simulate costs for upcoming items. A system with standardised calculation techniques that enables effective target costing procedures early in the life cycle is therefore required.

Target Costing Supports in Achieving Significant Cost Reductions and Increase the Transparency of the Cost Trend and the Adopted Measures.

Target Costing With Teamcenter Product Costing

Target costing enables the creation of accurate, precise cost comparisons that support conversations and decision-making. The benefit of the database-supported approach is that even at the very beginning of product development, accurate product estimates and target cost derivations may be created on the level of assemblies and components. Benchmarks both inside and outside the company help this process. The solution consolidates all of the business’s cost data into a single, central database, ensuring that everyone uses the same framework. Modern integration technology makes it simple to reuse cost-related data from SAP ERP systems. The time needed to produce precise calculations for target costing is greatly reduced.To create a unified standard for transparency, availability, and data dependability, Teamcenter® product costing may be utilised for preliminary costing by all impacted departments, including cost engineering, procurement, finance, and programme management.


Your benefits

With the help of Teamcenter product costing, you may significantly lower target costs and improve the transparency of the cost trend and the chosen course of action. Target costing bottom-up cost calculation methods offer a strong level of detail and precise cost transparency at an extremely early stage. The legitimate benchmark data present in Teamcenter product costing may be used to produce accurate best-practice calculations. The number of supported projects in the target costing process may be greatly increased with Teamcenter product costing.

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