More Transparency for Tool Costs Reduces Tool Spending and Improve Quotation Performance


Due to margin pressure, tool costs are a key basis for product success, both in cost quoting and in tool purchase price research. Early in the product development process, clear and trustworthy information on tool costs is critical.

You can develop reliable tool cost calculations with precise cost breakdowns faster using Teamcenter tool costing. The geometry of a part can be specified either manually or through feature recognition software (NX Feature2Cost).

Tool costing in Teamcenter allows for the parametric computation of various tool technologies such as injection moulding, high pressure die casting, and progressive die stamping. The integrated knowledge database contains reference data such as labour prices, materials, machines, and processes, as well as an integrated process timings, enabling an uniform calculation standard across the organisation.

Tool Costing Enables You to Create Valid Tool Cost Calculations in Less Time, With Detailed Cost Breakdowns. Read Below to Learn More.

Tool Purchase Price Analysis

Cost engineers can utilise the Teamcenter tool costing solution to execute shadow calculations as a plausibility check on their suppliers’ estimates for jobs inside the buy price analysis. They may construct cost calculations utilising the parametric technique by employing Teamcenter tool costing information such as technology data, part descriptions, or 3D-data.


Tool Quotation Costing

The tooling quoting process must be dependable and affordable, with correct tool calculations and comprehensive cost breakdowns delivered in a timely manner. The parametric calculation approach in Teamcenter tool pricing allows for the best possible balance of accuracy and time-based calculation effort.

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