Improve Speed and Accuracy in Tool Quotation Costing Process


Professional cost management is necessary in the mould, tool, and die industry due to expanding cost constraints and international procurement markets. A product line’s proportion of tool costs relative to its overall expenses is continuously rising as a result of shorter lifecycles and more product variability.

It is difficult for tool manufacturers to immediately produce trustworthy quotes and clear cost breakdowns for tools. This balancing act, which is difficult even for experienced tool specialists due to the complexity of tools and smaller production runs, can only be accomplished with the aid of a robust tool quotation costing system that produces quicker, more accurate, and understandable results based on parametric models. Increasing product diversity and shorter product lifecycles result in more requests for quotes, which implies more work for tool makers. In a short amount of time, the tool quote costing procedure must be dependable with accurate tool calculations and comprehensive cost breakdowns.

Tool Quotation Costing Enables Optimum Balance Between Accuracy and Time-Based Calculation Effort.

Tool quotation costing with Teamcenter tool costing

An ideal balance between accuracy and time-based calculation effort is made possible by the parametric calculation approach used in tool quote pricing. Toolmakers can obtain useful answers to the following problems with the use of simulations of technical and economic scenarios:

  • Where can you produce?
  • What effects do adjustments in commercial variables like labour rates, raw material costs, or pricing for bought parts have?
  • What effects do changes in technical factors, such as differences in products or designs, production processes, and materials, have?

Tool manufacturers may quickly and flexibly supply the necessary cost breakdowns in client templates with the help of tool quotation costing. Tool manufacturers can also simply document costing histories and revisions. A rapid and safe cost breakdown development process with Teamcenter in the event of recurrent adjustments gives tool makers a competitive edge.


Your Benefits

Tool purchasers now have transparency into cost specifics and the pertinent cost drivers, and they can thoroughly evaluate bids based on cost and technology considerations thanks to the capability tool purchase price analysis in Teamcenter tool costing.

The price of a tool as well as the price per manufactured item depend on the quality and design of the tool. With the help of the Teamcenter solution, it is possible to analyse how component and tool costs interact at various volumes while also ensuring the validity and transparency of tool designs. For a completely integrated calculation solution, you may combine Tool Costing with the Teamcenter programme for Product Costing. Additionally, the product bill of materials and the product/project programme take into account the tool costs within the integrated solution holistically.

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