Realize PLM Flexibility and Visibility With Requirements Report and Specification Generation Capabilities


Without the proper procedures and resources in place, managing your product needs may be fairly difficult. Use the reporting and specification generating tools in Teamcenter® to remain on top of your needs and gain the visibility and traceability you demand.

You can integrate requirements into every phase of the product lifecycle with Teamcenter Requirements Management. You may generate specs, dashboard views, and standard requirement reports rapidly using Teamcenter’s reporting features. You may produce and use reports on requirements, traceability, verification, variation, status, impact analysis, and more to get insight into your product development processes. Reports are another effective approach to assemble material. For instance, you may ask for a report that lists all the criteria you have been given along with their due dates for the current release.

Ease of report and specification generation helps you to quickly see a complete view of your product requirements. Read more about these features below.

Reporting and Analytics for Traceability Into Your Requirements

With Needs Management, you can create reports and dashboards based on your product requirements and fully utilise Teamcenter’s reporting features. You may obtain a web-based, user-friendly solution that gathers and organises product data, including specifications and their connections, from Teamcenter Reporting and Analytics. You receive pre-built reports on traceability, verification, and other standard criteria so you can rapidly access the data you want in an easy-to-use format that is always current.

Specification Management for More Efficient Use of Requirements

Requirements are managed by Teamcenter as separate items. Teamcenter compiles the various needs into a specification that can be prepared and produced in standard form when you wish to release a requirements specification. This allows you to go from handling requirement papers to a more effective and reusable form of requirements since various versions of the same requirement can take part in several different specifications, and you can always go back to a specific version of a specification.

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