Requirements Verification and Validation Closes the Loop


By recording and connecting verification and validation findings with requirements and allowing targeted testing, Teamcenter Requirements verification and validation capabilities help complete the loop on requirements. Requirements are part of a closed loop process using Teamcenter Requirements Management, where requirements are correlated to how they are vetted and verified (V&V). Requirements can be linked to test cases that validate them because Teamcenter also includes test and validation management.

You thereafter have complete insight into the requirements verification and validation procedures, the status of ongoing V&V activities, and any issues discovered during testing. In order to address compliance concerns, test findings are then fed into regular workflow, change, and other procedures. This prepares a company for considerable increases in V&V productivity.

Requirements verification and validation for increased productivity.
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Requirements Integrated With Program Plans for Visibility and Increased Productivity

As requirements are established, they start to direct the programme execution strategies required to meet them (resources, schedules, tasks, deliverables, etc.) With direct connections between requirements handled in Teamcenter and project milestones and tasks, it is possible to track progress and exceptions. You have total insight into the processes around requirements, test cases, resources, etc. as they are formed and the programmes they are related to start running. This gives you the ability to handle programme risk proactively.

Save Time and Money With Test Management Capabilities

Requirements may be directly connected to the tests that validate them because Teamcenter controls test cases and test processes. To determine whether requirements are complete, test cases are connected to requirements as they are developed. This enables test case reuse, which enables “change-focused testing” as opposed to exhaustive testing. By just testing the requirements that have changed and avoiding unnecessary testing, traceability between requirements and test cases overcomes this issue. Complete coverage supported by real test results is provided.

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