Manage Your Simulation Processes, Data, Tools, and Workflows


Teamcenter Simulation was created to assist you in controlling your simulation data and activities within the context of the broader product lifecycle management (PLM) system.

Avoid frequent issues such as studies being run on old data, rework owing to a lack of traceability, a lack of visibility of simulation findings, and results coming late enough to impact design. You can quickly collaborate, execute, and manage complicated virtual simulations and communicate the findings to important decision-makers throughout your organisation with guaranteed end-to-end traceability and process management.

Simulation Process and Data Management drives efficiency and connects organizations to their digital thread. Read more about these features below.


Foundation Capabilities

By integrating PLM foundation capabilities like as search, organisation, security, classification, multi-site, and schedule management, Teamcenter Simulation provides a fully enterprise-wide data management solution.


Integration with External Applications

Integrate any third-party or in-house simulation programme quickly. Teamcenter Simulation is an open platform that includes a sophisticated simulation tool launch architecture that does not require customisation.


Integration with Simcenter

Pre-defined and out-of-the-box connectors enable the management of data created with Simcenter products to be done seamlessly.


Job Execution and Monitoring

Run simulation workloads on local PCs, servers, remote devices, or cloud-based high-performance computing (HPC) clusters. To verify the status of jobs, use a progress monitor to manage the whole execution.

Simulation Data and Lifecycle Management

Teamcenter Simulation handles corporate simulation data with complete lifecycle and end-to-end traceability from requirements to results. This comprises data from a 1D system simulation, a 3D CAE simulation, and a multi-disciplinary analysis and optimization (MDAO). The programme provides granular and customizable data models for managing all simulation artefacts, including geometry, models, boundary conditions, results, and reports. Capture a diverse variety of meta data, as well as parameters and critical performance indicators (KPIs). When combined with sophisticated search and simulation dashboard features, users may quickly access information while reducing needless or incorrect rework.


Simulation Structure Management and Automation

Manage the structure of your CAE model and combine it with your product bill of materials. Track all of the combinations that can occur with complicated assemblies. Increase the speed with which CAE model structures are created by automatically filtering portions, reusing models, and restructuring the structure.


Results Management and Visualization

Teamcenter Simulation can handle and track simulation results saved in its native database or on external devices and servers. Capture and show geometry and results without utilising specific post-processors with the neutral and lightweight JT format, making simulation data easy to distribute.


Workflow Management

Capture and record simulation workflows for standardised and repeatable procedures. Workflow management may coordinate work among team members, automate certain simulation tasks, and carry out multi-disciplinary analysis and optimization (MDAO) searches.


Verification Management

Teamcenter offers verification management across the whole programme, including requirements, system models, detailed designs, simulation, and testing. This technique boosts trust in simulation work, ensures the stability of the digital twin, and gives improved visibility of simulation findings for making sound design decisions.

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