Efficient and Secure Design Data Exchange


Design Data Exchange streamlines the exchange of design data with vendors outside of your Teamcenter environment. You generate information packages, including sizable CAD files, as a “sponsor” in Teamcenter to distribute with your suppliers. Your suppliers may upload and submit their replies to you over the same secure online interface that you use to send them requests and data packages. Access to supplier self-service, which enables them to order their own exchange packages and develop new goods, may be granted to trusted suppliers.The portal-based Teamcenter data sharing manager makes it simple to upload and download big files. Suppliers may view compressed CAD files in the briefcase browser, open them in their native CAD systems, modify them, and then save the updated CAD files back into the briefcase browser. Execution of processes is made possible through traceability, auditing, and version control.

Design Data Exchange for secure and managed exchange of design data with your suppliers. Read more about these features below.

Targeted Data Sharing for Secure and Efficient Exchanges With Suppliers

Design Data Transmit features give Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) the chance to exchange smaller, tailored (access rights applied), and “fresher” data packages with less administrative work while giving suppliers immediate access to Teamcenter data that they need to support their jobs.

You can be confident that your crucial product design data is tracked and sent to the appropriate suppliers safely and effectively with Teamcenter if you include targeted data control in your supplier cooperation process. Each individual supplier user is subject to access controls in Teamcenter, ensuring that suppliers have access to just the data they require to complete their tasks.

Version Control and Tracking of Data Shared With Suppliers

You can monitor all design data exchange activities, gain from coordinated sharing, and have visibility into your supplier’s design data exchange operations with the help of the Teamcenter Design Data Exchange solution. All interactions with suppliers, including file uploads and downloads, may be monitored by the OEM sponsor.

To enable suppliers to update designs, Teamcenter sponsors can provide modification rights on design data. When modification privileges are given, Teamcenter expects supplier updates and checks out the data. It is possible to track various design data revisions. Reports that compare different design data file versions may be produced, and new supplier modifications can be highlighted using colour coding.

Securely and Easily Exchange Large Files With Suppliers Outside of Your Teamcenter

Time-to-market and cost-saving goals may be significantly impacted by the effective integration of your extended suppliers with PLM procedures. For sharing product data with suppliers outside of your Teamcenter environment, such as huge CAD files, JT files, specs, etc., Teamcenter Design Data Exchange offers you a reliable, secure, and scalable supplier integration solution. The supplier web portal’s Teamcenter data share manager makes it simple to upload and download huge files, including CAD drawings.

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