Extend Your Quality Standards to Your Supply Chain


Any company’s new product development process may benefit greatly from the involvement of suppliers. Companies are more frequently enlisting suppliers to offer certain product parts and components as they continue to explore for methods to increase quality and save costs. You may define responsibilities and establish reasonable expectations with the aid of a solid supplier assessment procedure. However, with this approach comes the duty to confirm that each of your suppliers is meeting your expectations and is a good fit as a business partner.

To support the quality of supplied supplier components, Teamcenter Quality enables you to manage your quality procedures in connection to your suppliers.


Supplier Quality Approval

The capability for supplier quality clearance controls supplier projects to make sure that the supplier submits appropriate deliverables.


Supplier Quality Issue

You can log any quality concerns with a supplier using the supplier quality issue capability.


Supplier Assessment

Supplier Assessment provides a checklist and a rating to gain a better overview of a supplier’s capabilities.

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