With Virtual Reality (VR) integrated into PLM, you can make more informed decisions about your goods. Virtual prototyping with interaction with the digital twin at any scale is made possible by Teamcenter VR. With only one click from Teamcenter Visualization, you can start Teamcenter VR and enjoy an immersive user experience. Without any prior data preparation, Teamcenter VR employs the JT file format to view and analyse 3D designs. The usage of Teamcenter to access the data utilised in the immersive sessions ensures PLM security compliance. Additionally, Teamcenter VR supports affordable VR gadgets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. This minimises the price of setting up your VR system and makes it easier for people to start using VR.

Immersive Digital Mockup for Realistic Design Validation

The desktop and showroom modules make up the Teamcenter visualisation idea capabilities, which are offered as an add-on to the Teamcenter lifecycle visualisation suite. Utilizing their current JT data, users of Concept Desktop may enhance the realism of their digital mockups and the environments they place them in, making it easier to communicate designs in a “lifelike” manner. With support for complex immersive settings that can be entirely customised, like a C6 Cave, Concept Showroom takes it to the next level. Massive models may be seen at actual scale on monitors of almost any size because to Concept Showroom’s ability to command many displays utilising PC clusters.


Realism at Scale

Teamcenter VR’s 1:1 scale realism makes it possible for you to evaluate ergonomic considerations like sight lines, reachability, and clearances and to resolve design problems early in the lifespan of your product. The immersive environment allows users to examine and study the 3D model at scale using the same tools accessible for desktop visualisation, enabling human elements that are not conceivable in a 2D context. Additionally, Teamcenter VR improves the usability of conventional digital mockup (DMU) activities including sectioning, placement, and interference and clearance assessments.

VR Multi-User Conferencing

Multiple users may enter the same VR room using Teamcenter VR to conduct collaborative design reviews where they can see, evaluate, and annotate the product. You may take part in VR conferences from your PC without the price of a VR “dome” or expensive technology, much like a multi-player video game experience. Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are two common low cost VR headsets that Teamcenter VR supports, but even users without VR headsets may take part in conferences and view the avatars of the immersed participants. The markups and notes generated during the VR design reviews are stored back to the design structure and made available to the product stakeholders.


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