Valor - PCB Manufacturing Siemens Software

Valor is the PCB industry’s first true end-to-end software solution.

Valor - PCB Design Software

Valor software solutions enhanced printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing by having a complete digital flow from product design to process engineering to the production floor.

With end-to-end solutions that cover all aspects of closed loop manufacturing, including intelligent data sharing, collection, and analytics, you can become a best-in-class manufacturer. Valor solutions give you insight into the entire supply chain and activities, helping you to turn data into actionable information. Reduce the number of design iterations, increase yield, and boost engineering and manufacturing performance. Face the challenges of high-mix, low-volume manufacturing, as well as shorter time to market and lower prices, while maintaining high product quality.

Valor Solutions

Valor design for manufacturing solutions

Valor Design-for-Manufacturing (DFM) Solutions

Valor design-for-manufacturing solutions minimize the number of re-spins in a PCB design, decreasing project risk and allowing the product to produce sales faster.

  • DFM for Electronics NPI
  • Valor Parts Library (VPL)
Valor process engineer solutions
Valor Process Engineering Solutions

Valor process engineering solutions make it easier to produce high-quality, reliable surface mount technology (SMT) process collateral, allowing you to meet the engineering demands of high-mix, low-volume manufacturing more efficiently.

  • BOM Connector
  • Process Preparation for PCB Assembly & Test
  • Valor Parts Library (VPL)
Valor manufacturing solutions
Valor Manufacturing Solutions

Improve your data utilization through your manufacturing activities to become a best-in-class electronics manufacturer. Dashboards and reports provide analytical views into equipment, line, and factory performance out of the box.

  • Data Analytics for Electronics Manufacturing
  • Electronics Shop-Floor Data Acquisition & Normalization
  • Material Management for PCB Assembly
  • Production Scheduling for PCB Assembly

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