Xcelerator brings together and integrates the entire Siemens Digital Industries Software portfolio with embedded tools and databases connecting current and future information technology, operational technology, and engineering technology environments. By combining what was formerly known as the Siemens Digital Innovation Platform with MindSphere, Siemens Cloud Solutions, Mentor, and Mendix, Xcelerator allows you to easily build, integrate and extend your existing data and network systems.

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The real challenge faced in developing these complex systems is driving the companies to evolve with their E/E system development techniques. Building upon leading Capital capabilities for the design, the next generation of development techniques needs to obliterate the distinctions between software, electronics, and networking.



Siemens NX software is a versatile and robust integrated solution that aids in making better products. Businesses can take the advantages of the digital twin with NX’s next-generation design, simulation, and production solutions. It provides a holistic toolset that ensures data integrity and design intent.

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Siemens industrial IoT as a service solution, MindSphere, provides transparency over operations by connecting assets products, plants, systems, and machines to a central location. It facilitates getting intelligent, proactive insights that can help increase productivity and reduce risk often in close to real-time.

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Active Integration

It is imperative to make effective judgments over the course of the product lifecycle while managing a large amount of information, often from a diverse range of sources. Active Integration product suite from Siemens Digital Industries Software allows Teamcenter and other applications to collaborate.

Solid Edge

Solid Edge 2023 has new interoperability improvements, wherein teams and systems can collaborate seamlessly. Enhanced simulation possibilities, mesh models can be used more creatively, and removal of errors during inspection, enables manufacturers to save time and money.

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Simcenter, a key component of Xcelerator, is a portfolio of the top predictive simulation and test apps that support every stage of digital journey and is flexible, open, and scalable. It entitles customer to access an unequalled depth of engineering knowledge.

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Opcenter is a comprehensive Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) system that helps implement digital manufacturing strategy into practice. It offers end-to-end production visibility, enabling decision-makers to identify flaws in product design and oversee manufacturing process.

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With the help of Tecnomatix, production can be digitalized, and creative ideas can be turned into transformative goods. Efficiency can be maximized by synchronizing product engineering, manufacturing engineering, production, and service activities using Tecnomatix software.

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Valor software solutions enable a full digital flow from product design through process engineering to the production. It optimizes printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication. Obtain end-to-end solutions that encompass all facets of closed-loop production, intelligent data sharing, collecting, and analytics.


TIA Portal

Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) allows to design all kinds of inventive devices. Siemens is integrating their innovations in the TIA Portal. This allows unrestricted access to the full gamut of digitalized automation services, transparent operation, integrated engineering, and digital planning

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Polarion, a unified application lifecycle management system, small teams or thousands of users are served as large software systems in a single, entirely browser-based solution is defined, constructed, tested, and managed. Innovate, problem-solve, and unlock synergies across distributed teams.

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Mendix is the revolutionary, all-in-one, low-code application development platform that aids businesses in creating enterprise-quality, multi-experience apps at scale. The platform is built to enable collaboration at every stage of the development lifecycle, from inception to deployment and operation.

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FORAN is one-of-a-kind ship design software. It is used at every stage of the design and construction of a vessel. It is a holistic, multimodal ship design software system that offers performance, scalability, and data integrity while enabling quick, advanced modelling.

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Teamcenter application is a contemporary, flexible product lifecycle management (PLM), that uses a digital thread for innovation to connect people and processes across functional disciplines. Leveraging product information across multiple domains helps increase the PLM system’s profitability.


PLM Components

The value of CAD, CAM, CAE, and related PLM applications is increased by PLM Components, which are toolkits for developing 3D software. About six million end users benefit, as more than 240 businesses integrate PLM Components into 350 commercial products.

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Embedded Software Products

Siemens offers embedded software solutions that help manufacturers of connected devices swiftly create and produce advanced, high-quality products. Linux, the Nucleus real-time operating system, sophisticated multicore runtime, IoT support, machine learning support are the base technologies.

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Mechanical Design

As part of a flexible and effective environment for product design, our portfolio of solutions for mechanical design offers an integrated set of applications for creating 3D digital twins. To visualize, share, and validate product designs, quickly construct accurate product models.


Electrical & Electronics

Integrated circuits and electrical systems design and development goods make up our portfolio (IC). Solutions encompass IC Design, Verification, Test, and Manufacturing, Electrical & Wire Harness Design, Electronic Systems Design, and other allied disciplines.

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Performance Analytics

With the help of our performance analytics solutions, data from various enterprise data sources and the Internet of Things (IoT) can be amalgamated. Engage in thorough data analysis that yields insights which can be used to streamline every stage of the production process.

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Software Engineering

Each phase of the software development lifecycle can be controlled with the help of our products for software engineering. By supporting every crucial step of the software and product development process in a single solution, our apps offer traceability and transparency.

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Simulation & Test

Innovate more quickly and with confidence by taking into account the complexity of today’s products throughout the design and by completing the cycle with product use. Find the ideal balance between numerous needs with ease courtesy of the use of digital twin.

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Manufacturing Planning

Make products that customers are currently in need of by digitally transforming the manufacturing process. Outplay the competitors by deploying digital manufacturing process planning. Create thorough process plans that connect operations, and facilities to manage a business more effectively.

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Factory Automation

SIMATIC software ensures maximum effectiveness throughout the automation process. A high degree of functionality and efficiency throughout all stages of a plant’s or machine’s life cycle is guaranteed by automation software. Siemens helps in reducing time-to-market through streamlined engineering.

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Manufacturing Operations

The Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software offers an extensive technique to improve the efficiency of manufacturing operations. Siemens offers a wide range of services related to production, including sophisticated planning and scheduling and much more.

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Embedded Software

Siemens offers embedded software solutions that help makers of connected devices create high-quality products quickly and across a variety of sectors. Comprehensive multicore solutions, device security, and machine learning are some of the many vital features.

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Low-Code Application Development

A visual method of developing software is low-code development. It enables developers with varied technical credentials and level of experience to develop business solutions. Each step of the application lifecycle low-code abstracted and automated with our low-code platform i.e. Mendix.

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Marine Vessels and Structures Engineering

Building ships and other maritime structures fall under the purview of marine engineering. It incorporates every design-related component and is employed throughout the design and manufacture of a vessel. Allows, advanced and quick modeling, scalability, and data integrity.