PLMs Expanding Footprint and Impact on Innovation

The Product lifecycle management (PLM) technologies are expanding, developing new solutions that can support and augment your product design and provide opportunities for improved innovation. From out of the engineering realm, manufacturers today are increasingly expanding and adopting the use of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) processes.

This has been necessitated by the increase in product complexity and the customer’s expectation. The software-enabled solution accomplishes this by helping companies improve product innovation and development, aid with digital manufacturing and the supply chain, and drive product profitability.

PLM helps manage the complexity of products, right from conceptualizing, designing, and developing to managing the products, enabling a shift towards smart products. Taking a holistic view of your products and product-related processes, PLM helps better manage the impact of change. PLM solutions can create and manage a single digital user interface of information about the product throughout its lifecycle.

Why this broader approach to PLM?

There are a number of factors that help expand PLM footprint are:

  • A complete holistic solution – Apart from engineering, PLM includes mechanics, electronics, and embedded software design. It is a software solution that will take your product from inception to manufacturing. PLM helps companies take a unified, holistic view of their products and product-related processes.
  • Product complexity – PLM helps companies manage product complexities, including moving towards smart systems that combine mechanical, electrical, electronic, and software capabilities.
  • Global product development – Most companies are going global today, expanding to new markets. PLM solution helps design and develop new products to market faster, offering new innovative products best suited to the unique needs of the marketplace.
  • Supply chain expansion – Globalization has made industries work with a number of partners, suppliers, and customers across geography. PLM is an open platform that enables easy collaboration and open innovation.
  • Added technologies – Social media techniques, Big Data analytics, mobile, and cloud are all available in the product innovation platform.

PROLIMs Modern PLM technology

With technology evolving and expanding, there are a number of PLM solution available in the market. To get the best suited to your needs you need to factor in the company strategy. This is necessary because the scope, goals, and benefits of PLM implementations vary based on company strategy.

PROLIM offer the best PLM software solutions in the market for all types of business to make better decisions on their product development, management, design, and production through our dedicated product innovation teams.

For more on the expansion of PLM footprint and its impact on the product innovation platform, please visit our website.  Add your thoughts, questions, and ideas and I will be happy to brainstorm with you.

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