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Prevent Unplanned Downtime – AWS IOT

Predictive maintenance solutions built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT deliver the operational and asset transparency customers rely on to increase productivity, speed innovation, and maximize the value of their asset data—all while reducing costs. With the proven expertise and knowledge of AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners, combined with AWS services, customers can confidently implement a predictive maintenance solution that keeps them ahead of their equipment.


Reduce maintenance costs and prevent unplanned downtime

  • Proactively manage critical devices with predictive maintenance to dramatically improve equipment efficiency and detect failures
  • Via data insights, determine the best fixes for equipment issues to prevent costly business and environmental impacts
  • Remove unnecessary maintenance cycles that can lead to excessive downtime and stymied production

Scale with on-demand computing, pay as you go

  • Reduce waste and improve operations with cloud elasticity that lets you increase or decrease computing capacity as needed
  • Reduce costs and eliminate paying for idle resources
  • Scale the business indefinitely, while maintaining device health and productivity at controlled costs

Innovate faster with a broad set of AWS services and comprehensive partner community

  • Access skilled partners who build predictive maintenance solutions so you can better understand the root cause of anomalies, poor performance, and failure
  • Gain deep insight into your products, plants, and equipment to identify inefficiencies and waste, then take corrective action
  • Rely on a scalable, safeguarded infrastructure to support testing and innovation for new products and services

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