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Additive manufacturing (AM) will fundamentally alter the production landscape. It opens the door to dispersed manufacturing and provides designers with almost limitless flexibility. AM cannot be utilised for structurally loaded, safety-critical components because to a lack of knowledge in that field. In this whitepaper, the original, verified durability simulation technique of SimcenterTM 3D programme is described. Engineers can utilise Simcenter 3D to characterise the local material conditions that the printing process introduces, apply them to a machine learning (ML) algorithm and produce a precise material model for durability, and also assess the fatigue life of the part.

What you get from this white paper


  • Predict the local material conditions caused by AM.
  • Utilize machine learning to foresee how local material conditions caused by AM would affect fatigue characteristics.
  • Conduct effective durability analysis taking into account the regional conditions caused by AM.

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