PROLIM Success Story of Solid Edge Design Configurator

The design configurator within Solid Edge delivers a powerful design automation capability and enables fast configuration of products based on rules and design parameters. The specialty of this tool is not only that it eliminates all the manual customization process but also eliminates all the errors that might occur during the process of customization. And this caught the attention of one of our customers.

The industries today are facing increasing pressure from their customers to offer greater choice and variety in their products. Growing demand for custom products greatly increases the number of product variants organizations need to define, author and manage.

Since the Design Configurator is a newly introduced software by Siemens for Solid Edge it was a new concept for all the customers.

During the trial period, the customer was constantly supported by the engineering team at every step by answering their questions via emails, setting up weekly calls for updates regarding any questions they had, and providing them with any other help regarding the use of the software.

The customer was able to find a real value in the software for their use case because the software had a lot of functionality to offer that would ease their customization process like the use of expressions, local and global visibility rules, quick replace model actions not only manually but using expressions as well and so on.

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