Protect and Manage Your SolidWorks Data with Teamcenter

Want to know a secret to smart product development? Want to stay ahead of the competition?

It begins with an easy solution: product data management (PDM). PDM brings together design data from a variety of applications and stores them in a single, secure system. This makes it easy for you to find the files you’re looking for, without wasting valuable engineering time.

In this half-an-hour video, you will find out how to leverage PDM in your product lifecycle management environment and how it can eliminate costly errors and delays. We’ll cover essential PDM capabilities that can streamline your design release process and become your competitive advantage.

In addition, you’ll see an example of how SolidWorks can integrate seamlessly with a PDM solution. No more struggling to find and re-use your old design data; you can keep track of what’s up-to-date with ease.


  • A single source of product data
  • Simple and fast installation, set up and deployment
  • Preconfigured capabilities
  • Multi-CAD management
  • Easy team collaboration
  • Growth path from PDM to PLM

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