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  7. Providing Rapid & Intelligent Diagrams for Electrical Wiring Design

Providing Rapid & Intelligent Diagrams for Electrical Wiring Design

On-Demand Webinar

Thriving in an increasingly complex electromechanical world

To help you identify good targets for selling Solid Edge Wiring Design, ask prospects if they are experiencing any issues and challenges in the following areas:

  • Errors in the wiring diagrams
  • Manual process for BOM generation
  • Missing project deadlines
  • Costly over runs
  • Inaccurate documentation


1) Are you currently creating wiring diagrams?

  • If no, they are not at good fit for this webinar content
  • If yes, what are they currently using? If they use non-intelligent drawing packages like Visio, ppt, Excel, AutoCAD, to capture/create their wiring diagrams, they are a good target audience for this webinar

2) Do you have difficulty calculating the accurate length of wires?

  • Why?

3) Do you have difficulty selecting optimum wire gauge/fuse ratings?

  • How do you currently select these gauge and fuse ratings?

4) Is there a need to provide accurate drawings and accurate bills of materials (BoM)?

  • How much time do you think is wasted due to these issues?

5) Do you do harness designs?

  • For what products?

6) Do you have challenges with assembling harnesses in your electromechanical products?

7) Do your ECO’s impact wiring design?

8) How many sheets of schematics do you currently work with?

  • Can you cross- reference in your multi sheet schematics?

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