Q&A with Solid Edge User Matt Johnson – Solid Edge University 2012

Q&A with Solid Edge User Matt Johnson – Solid Edge University 2012

Gina Yeagley, Susan Cinadr and I caught up with “Edger” Matt Johnson (@JohnsonBigMatt) at the Silver Springhouse  to discuss Solid Edge University 2012.

Matt has been using Solid Edge since version 9 – over 10 years.  He has worked at companies with 1 seat of Solid Edge and companies with over 100 seats.   He is an advanced user but always interested in furthering his professional skills by expanding his Solid Edge knowledge especially in the area of Synchronous Technology.

He supports both new product development and sustaining engineering at his current employer.  His primary day-to-day tasks are creating, editing and managing 3D CAD data in Solid Edge and Teamcenter.   This includes the creation and maintenance of top level Master Models; creating kinematic relations and verifying overall Form, Fit, Function.

Matt attended the Solid Edge Global Summit in Huntsville in 2011.  His employer, based on the value they received from Matt’s attendance in 2011, is sending 15 people to Solid Edge University 2012

We also asked Matt about being involved in the Solid Edge Beta testing program for ST5. Matt just returned from a week-long trip to Huntsville where he was able to test, evaluate and “break” the software, all in preparation to make a stable release for Edgers like you.  Although he could not share details without violating his non-disclosure agreement, he provide his overall impression.

Q: You recently made a trip to Huntsville, Alabama for Solid Edge Beta.   I believe this is your 2nd year as a participant. What was different about this year now that you’ve been through the Beta process before?

A: Wow… Being a beta user is quite an experience.  Once exposed to the process you quickly find out that the personal/professional benefits of being in Huntsville and having direct contact with the heart, soul and brain mass of SE has less to do with software and more to do with bigger picture things.  Things like: understanding SE from an “under the hood” POV, building relationships with product planners, developers, code writers, testers and support staff, sharing vision for future releases and really being exposed to folks on the SE Team in HSV that bleed SE, they really do.   Digressing back to Beta as a process though… Being involved in Beta has been a great opportunity for me to test, verify and have input into features and functionality that are important to my day to day work flow and that I can benefit from the most.  … It’s really that simple.

Q: Without giving away secrets what’s the one area of ST5 that you are most excited about: Assembly, Simulation, Synchronous, etc.

A: Without doubt; Assembly.  I won’t say anything more because it would be easy for me to get excited and spill the beans.  In general, I spend a lot of time in the Assembly environment and I’m excited to have the new functionality coming with ST5.  I’m not taking anything away from Part, Draft and other areas of SE in choosing Assembly though.  From keeping a pulse on the community at large I know some folks are going to be very, very happy with ST5’s new functions and features.

Thanks Matt for your time and we look forward to seeing you and all the Edgers at this year’s event!

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