Quality Management Software Solutions: What’s New in Teamcenter Quality 6.0

Optimize and improve product and process quality by leveraging the lessons-learned process!

We are excited to announce that the latest version of Siemens quality management software – Teamcenter Quality 6.0 — has been released! Teamcenter® Quality software version 6.0 includes enhancements to the following modules: Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Control and Inspection Planning, Quality Project Management, Problem Solving, Quality Issue Management and Quality Action Management. The combination of modules allows you to close the loop on quality processes in Teamcenter, which is part of the Xcelerator portfolio, the comprehensive and integrated portfolio of software and services from Siemens Digital Industries Software.


Benefits of quality management software solutions:

  • Optimize and improve product and process quality by supporting development with the lessons-learned process
  • Detect and manage potential failure with guided FMEA
  • Improve collaboration with engineering department
  • Support your company’s ability to manage the problem-solving process
  • Improve collaboration with suppliers and partners

Latest features:

  • Create master and variant FMEA
  • Save time creating FMEA variants as well as optimizing the lesson learned
  • Provide FMEA structure enhancement in net view
  • Introduction of a new structure of quality processes
  • Enhance quality management workspace for problem solving
  • Leverage Teamcenter Quality using Partner Connect in Teamcenter

Improve quality by leveraging collaboration with engineering

With Teamcenter Quality Control and Inspection Planning, you can improve product quality, customer relations and satisfaction while decreasing development time. The integrated solution offers a process and design-oriented inspection planning combined with control plan management to prevent rework and reduce costs. This picture shows an important goal of what Siemens wants to achieve with Teamcenter Quality. Our quality solutions help customers avoid domain segregation and reach the right stakeholders because it is native to the Teamcenter collaboration platform so all information is on a single platform. Therefore, the bill-of-quality (BOQ) makes all relevant information available to users.

Experience the benefits of closed-loop quality and start your digital journey for Quality Management with Siemens today! Would you like to get a general overview of our offerings of quality management software? Take a few minutes to look into our new Teamcenter Quality 6.0 fact sheet, or learn how to experience the benefits of closed-loop quality for best-in-class products with our videos experience.

Improve quality by leveraging collaboration with engineering

Are you interested in more details on our quality management software solution components? Take a deep dive into five of them by reading these fact sheets:

  1. Teamcenter Quality – Problem Solving
  2. Teamcenter Quality – Control and Inspection Planning
  3. Teamcenter Quality – Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
  4. Teamcenter Quality Project Management
  5. Teamcenter Quality Action Management

Find out more about Teamcenter Quality on our website. Learn more about our approach to quality management software including the release of Teamcenter Quality 5.2. If you’re interested in more information, do visit our Teamcenter page.

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