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Quickly Access Data with Teamcenter Integration for Solid Edge

Accessing and managing CAD data should never be a challenge. If you’re using Solid Edge, there is a simple solution to easily and effectively store CAD data in a single, centralized location: Teamcenter.

Jumpstarting our Snackbyte series—weekly videos that will last 2 to 5 minutes on an engaging topic with a Siemens product—is PROLIM PLM application engineer, Chris Merz, to talk about how easy it is to access data with Teamcenter Integration for Solid Edge:

Let’s recap the main take-home points of how valuable Teamcenter in Solid Edge can be.

Stay in Solid Edge

In the hosted Active Workspace, you never have to leave Solid Edge for any part of the product lifecycle management process. You can directly access:

  • Teamcenter information
  • Assigned tasks from your inbox
  • Pinned items saved to your home screen in Active Workspace
  • Your favorites

Utilize Search and Filter Functions

With the search power of Teamcenter Integration for Solid Edge, engineers can quickly find the files they need with the confidence that the data is always accurate and up-to-date.

Using Active Workspace, you can search and filter files, preview them for additional information, and then open directly in Solid Edge—all without opening another program.

You can search for specific Solid Edge file types, or create and save searches in Teamcenter that you use often. Then, when you search for an item, you don’t have to open it to ensure it’s the part you’re looking for—you get a preview of the part, and configurable properties about the file.

Moving to the Cloud

Teamcenter for Solid Edge is available with PDM on the Cloud as Teamcenter Rapid Start. A flexible solution, this includes easy setup without the need for expensive IT equipment.

With Teamcenter on the Cloud, you have the ability to scale your infrastructure up or down as your business needs change. It’s a solution for managing and accessing your CAD data for today and tomorrow.

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