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Railway Management Solution

Railway networks across the world are getting busier, trains traveling at higher speeds and carrying more passengers or heavier axle loads than ever before. Accordingly, the railway industry calls for new information technologies (ITs) to meet its development. Railway systems have already relied on ITs almost as much as they rely on physical assets, and this dependence is growing as these systems face burgeoning demands in terms of robustness, reliability, and capacity. A smart railway station is a station area that uses different types of electronic Internet of things (IOT) sensors to collect data and using that data to better improve efficiency, mobility and sustainability. The smart railway is a new stage of the development of intelligent transportation informationization, and it is the total integration and comprehensive embodiment of the railway informationization public service system.

PROLIM integrates the modern technologies of the digital revolution, remote sensors and IoT sensor systems to create a solution that lets you monitor and analyze railway trains, tracks and stations remotely to make insightful decisions and perform constructive railway operations accordingly. The integrated system also gathers data from multiple external sources, processes and analyses the data to provide railway track health, railway compartment health, railway engine health and also provides the station information to decrease the factors affecting the efficiency of the railway system. The solution implemented here is a Mendix Solution a low code development platform.

Train Dashboard

The PROLIM Railway Management Solution dashboard provides an insight into the railway train details and other agronomic information that helps in real-time monitoring of the train, perform health checks to take more optimal decisions for improved efficiency, quality and sustainability.

Train Section Dashboard
  • Train Details: The dashboard provides the basic information about the train such as train number, train name, speed, total capacity, total distance, compartments, gate crossing.
  • Engine Details: Provides the health metrics of different Train Engines such as average Speed in RPM, Average Turbo inlet temperature (C), Average Cylinder Exhaust temperature (C), Average Ambient temperature (C), Average Cylinder Pressure PSI, Average Load in Newton, Average Power HP.
Train Section Dashboard popup
  • Compartment Health: Provides the information such as below for a traveling Train with Passengers and metrics such as Compartment Temperature, Compartment Occupancy, Compartment Fire / Smoke Detection, Compartment FAN or AC Status.
  • Current Capacity: This Progress bar indicates the current passengers traveling on a train.
  • Track Health: Provides the information about health checks and status of the tracks and indicates metrics such as Humidity, Pressure in Megapascal, Obstacle Description.
  • Maintenance cost details: This bar chart provides the information (Rupees per month and rank) about the top five trains based on maintenance and costs in descending order.
  • Gate Crossing: Provides information on the train passing through the gate. One such scenario where the train leaving from station 1 towards station 2 passes through a Gate Crossing. It has five different states those are –
    • When Train has not reached the Gate RFID Rx module.
    • When Train passes the RFID Rx and is identified so the Gate starts automatically closing.
    • When the Train is passing through the Gate and Gate is completely CLOSED
    • The train has passed the other side of the Gate completely and now Gate can be OPENED but not yet OPENED.
    • The train has passed the RFID Rx on the other side of the Gate and is at safe distance, so Gate is OPENED fully for public transport to pass.

Station Dashboard

This Mendix solution provides an insight into the railway station details along with respective agronomic information that helps in real-time monitoring of the station details where it increases efficiency and sustainability.

Station Section Dashboard
  • Top five crowded stations: This donut chart gives the graphical representation of the information about the Top five crowded stations.
  • Station Details: Provides the information number of People Present in a Station.
    • No of platforms.
    • No of people station occupied.
    • People entered into the station.
    • People exit from the station.
    • People with platform tickets.
    • People with a train tickets.
    • People with disabilities.
Station Section Details Popup Dashboard
  • CCTV: Provides the information or footage of the live clippings of the CCTV installed in the railway station.
  • Revenue Generated Trains: This Pie Chart gives the graphical representation of the information about the top five revenue generated trains in India.
  • Arriving and Departure trains: Provides information about the arriving trains and departure trains with respect to the station in India.
Station Section Arriving details Dashboard Popup

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